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A great Festival, even if a little breezy!

Hook Norton Festival of Fine Ales.

Well, the wind blew, the rain came down and we nearly broke the gazebo whilst battling in the wind to put it up (thank you to the organisers for coming to our rescue and allowing us to move our stand into the beer tent!). It was great to promote the group & chat with fellow nature lovers, many of whom weren't local - Northumberland, Bristol, Hull, Surrey & London were just some of the areas mentioned. Many of these people had nature stories to tell, so it is good to know that even in built-up areas, people are trying to make a difference by helping where they can. 

A big thank you to CUPSDIRECT Catering Supplies for supplying our eco-friendly cups for The Festival of Fine Ales. They are made from 100% recycled plastic and are recyclable in our blue bins after use. Cupsdirect has a large number of recycled and recyclable items available on its website.  

Also, a big thank you to Catherine Morgan for sponsoring our cordials. We had Elderflower, Summer Raspberry and Pomegranate & Elderflower flavours to choose from! 

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