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In & Out the Dusky Bluebells

If you are thinking about what to do this weekend, why not search out a bluebell wood? We have a number around here & they are a lovely sight to see, often looking like the trees are on top of a blue lake!

Research has shown how woods can increase our physical health, mental wellbeing & quality of life. Walking in green spaces is good exercise & can put us into a meditative state which helps to make us calm & reflective. It helps us pay more attention to our surroundings & in this state, our creativity can flourish which is perfect for problem solving or finding a fresh perspective on something.

Bluebells in Worton woods, Worton road near Over Worton

Children love to play in woods & can see the benefits of biodiversity & sustainability as they play. On a woodland walk, they'll discover plants & animals in their natural environment & hopefully realise how important it is to take care of nature.

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